A national mobile signing service

A Nationwide Notary Signing Service

Optimum offers professional Nationwide Mobile Notary Services meeting all CFPB requirements. We ensure skilled representation, efficient and timely signings and courteous service. Our Signing Agents are committed to excellence in every step of the signing process. We screen all of our Notaries Public/Signing Agents to assure the finest quality of experience and professionalism. We consider each of our agents a representative of our company and yours. All of our Signing Agents are held to the highest standards!



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About Us
Optimum Notary Signing Service follows a strict protocol on every signing and keeping up to date with CFPB requirements. Our experience and professionalism gives our customers the peace of mind in knowing the job will get done right!
We use SnapDocs. With Snapdocs, communication and updates live in a central file in the cloud, keeping everyone on the same page and making each loan closing faster, simpler, and more secure. Our secure tools allow you to work with the best notaries, keep your consumers in the loop, share loan documents with them, and generate an audit trail of every interaction with the closing.
Track all your signings on one central dashboard. For every order, you'll know exactly what has been done and what tasks remain. Finally, signing documents, order history, signer and notary details all live in one central file to help you stay organized and work more efficiently.
With Snapdocs, just drag and drop to upload closing documents, even be alerted if a notary hasn't downloaded everything.

Our Goals
To provide our customers with the
best customer service possible.